Is it safe to use Medicines for Older Adults ?

  Medicines, often referred to as drugs, can be: Prescriptions. What you can get only with a doctor’s order (for example, pills to lower your cholesterol or an asthma inhaler) Over-the-counter pills, liquids, or creams. What you buy  without a prescription  (for example, pills for headaches or chew tablets for heartburn) Vitamins, eye drops, or dietary supplements. Here are some tips to help you take your medicines safely:   Follow instructions. Read all medicine labels. Make sure to take your medicines the right way. For example, don’t use an over-the-counter cough and cold syrup if you only have a runny nose and no cough. Use the right amount. Don’t take a larger dose of a  medicine thinking  it will help you more. It can be very dangerous, even deadly. And, don’t skip or take half doses of a prescription drug to save money. (Talk with your doctor or pharmacist if you can’t afford the medicine. There may be help. Read Saving Money on Medicines for more information.) Take medicine on

What is medicine?

  Medicine is defined as art, the science or practice of treatment, diagnosis, and the prevention of diseases. Medicine includes a variety of health care practices that involve the maintenance and restoration of the health of a patient by treatment and the prevention of the illness. Biomedical sciences, research, and medical technology are included in contemporary medicine which helps in diagnosis, treatment, and preventing injury and diseases through surgeries but therapies such as ionizing radiation, psychotherapy, and others could also help in treating a patient. It has been practiced for ages and many civilizations had adapted medicine to treat the ones who were ill or injured in a battle. During prehistoric times the medicine was considered as an art or the area of skill or knowledge which was frequently connected to the philosophical or the religious belief of the local culture. For example, whenever soldiers were injured after the battle, herbs from the plants were used to h